Back When I Took Great Pictures

I was inspired by a quote that for the life of me I can't remember it verbatim but the general idea was that as a photographer one should strive to be the photographer you once were. 

Here are a few images back when I had my starter camera and a new lens, the right light, and happy subjects. It may be time to wipe the dust off my old faithful camera and create the magic that I loved from before... 

...way before I was caught by the wave of actions and confused by what sort of photographer I should be. Well, I just was myself producing these rich shots full of color and wonder. Sometimes, I feel that actions and presets are ways to turn mediocre shots to good shots...sometimes even great ones. However, they are ultimately distractions. At least to me they are. Sometimes I spend more time figuring out what effect I should use rather than looking at the picture and letting it speak to me. These images speak volumes by themselves without any frills.

I wonder...wonder if I should toss all those notions of actions and presets and just be me, again. I'm full of self-doubt or it's just my usual self-loathing that I do from time to time. Not quite sure why I do it. It's probably a way for me to clean house.  A way to get rid of the things that are cluttering my creativity and blocking me from getting the images I want. What I really want is to "wow" myself again. 

These images "wow" me. I love the colors, the crispness, the splash suspended in time and the emotion that was captured on this trip to Key West in 2009. I absolutely love these. As I type this, I'm thinking back at the time. It was late afternoon, early evening...the sweet light. I was shooting with my nikon d50 and using my new lens at the time, the nikon 85mm. What I captured was simple and pure. 

Here's to the simple things.


Romance on Linked 52

There seems to be a theme going on here this week. First, the love party and now a little romance. Well, why not? I was inspired by this sweet stationary and imagined writing a lovely letter. So many romances have started off with just pen and paper. While other romances keep the flame alive with messages scribbled on a romantic note pad.  

Hope you enter the weekend with a little love in your heart. Please enjoy other romantic entries by...


The Love Party.

Our love party was a success. My co-hostess and I enjoyed our sweet Love Party for our little girls. They were three satisfied sweethearts, not too mention our guests. 

The cake in the middle was my creation. I especially had fun making the cake bunting topper. The other two gorgeous ones were made by the second mom in charge. They were as good as they looked...all of them!

These sweet chocolate rimmed milk shots were a pinspiration. I have been anxious to make these for awhile. I just wish that I hadn't procrastinated and made them in advance. I really wanted them to be picture perfect. The kids loved them and they are extra yummy with strawberry milkshakes. 

Now, off to enjoy the rest of our five day weekend. Yes, five!!! 


Happy Weekend.

photo credit: the world wide web
Yipee, it's a three day week! So, what's on your agenda? We're throwing a birthday party for my littlest and two of her very sweet little cousins. Later in the weekend we are planning to celebrate the holiday here. The place is having a huge President's day celebration. Then we'll be sleeping in, playing games and enjoying our town. 

Maybe more cupcakes from this sweet shop.

A classic hamburger from this landmark.

An ice cream from here.

Catch the glass show for a second time.

Shop the sales downtown.

...or a stroll on the beach. 

Whatever you do enjoy!


Linked 52 : body parts

So, I've been told that there is trouble in my future. My sons eyes are always a topic of conversation with people we meet. We have been stopped many times to hear sweet compliments from one person or another. We're not quite sure how to describe their color. Have a look at the color version and let me know what you think. 

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She says the darndest things.

The conversation went like this.

[scene: mother, that's me, shuffling through DVD's so her beautiful princesses can watch their favorite bedtime movie. My silhouette captures my oldest daughter's eye. Yes, we do bedtime movies from time to time. Please don't send the literacy police my way. ]

wonder girl: Mom...
me:  ye-es...
wonder girl: mom, maybe, if you take a break from eating [pause] you can get skinny.
me: [disgruntled] HERE's your MOVIE.

            ...mother exits room

wonder girl: Mommy are you mad?

Ouch, that hurt. I'm not going to lie but as you may know I've reached a stage in my life where the weight just doesn't come off that easily. Still not using it as an excuse. I'm doing the work, workouts, and changing eating and lifestyle habits. I've discovered quinoa, which, in my opinion, is slightly addictive. In addition to working my way to eliminate all things white from my diet...white sugar, white flour, etc... The weight is slowly coming off and new habits have been formed.

I wake up at the crack of dawn to jog/run and have signed up for a few 5k runs to keep me motivated. Running has never been my strong suit. In fact, I've never ran a race in my life...swimming... yes...running...never! Strangely, I enjoy it. Race days are very exciting and being in the presence of thousands of people running for a cause makes me feel proud.

Things have changed...photography has taken a backseat to monitoring my health. But who can blame me for that? So, for now it's a lot less late night blogging and editing. It's early bedtimes and scheduled posts with a few funny anecdotes to keep you coming back.

Thanks to wondergirl for giving me something to talk about. 

Happy Valentine's Day.

I've mentioned before that I love Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda. In my humble opinion, the most romantic and passionate writer bar none. He can depict a love story in a few stanzas and leave you wanting for more.

I'm fortunate enough that I can read his poetry in his native language, Spanish, because sometimes the meaning can get lost in translation. However, here is a poem that still evokes the power of the union of two people.

Perhaps not to be is to be without your being       

Perhaps not to be is to be without your being, 
without your going, that cuts noon light
like a blue flower, without your passing
later through fog and stones,
without the torch you lift in your hand
that others may not see as golden,
that perhaps no one believed blossomed
the glowing origin of the rose,
without, in the end, your being, your coming
suddenly, inspiringly, to know my life,
blaze of the rose-tree, wheat of the breeze:
and it follows that I am, because you are:
it follows from 'you are', that I am, and we:
and, beacuse of love, you will, I will,
We will, come to be.

Beautiful, n'est pas? Of course, the obvious assumption of poetry about love, would be to assume that it is of the conventional love between a man & a woman. However, if you dig deeper you can apply this to the love of a mother or father to their childern, a child can dedicate it to their parent, or between two fantastically close friends. You can relate it however your heart desires. That's the beauty of prose. It's open to all sorts of interpretations.

However, you spend your day, spend it with love in your heart. Happy Valentines Day.



Cupid was off by a little.

So, my very considerate and thoughtful husband decided to give his sweetheart [me] an early Valentine's Day present. He will be far and unavailable for a few weeks, which will make it hard for him to pick up the phone or conduct a video conference with me in order to send his love over the airways. [awwww]

Early last week, I received a phone call from the doorman [oh la la, we are temporarily living in a building with a doorman] that he had received a package for me. I was slightly curious but not surprised of the arrival because two out of the three wonderkids are celebrating birthdays and Valentine's Day IS around the corner. Now, I'm not quite sure if it's the mere fact of being married close to fifteen years of the twenty something Valentine's Day that we have spent together, that he is scrapping the bottom of the creativity barrel. I have to come to the conclusion that this year's gift is an indicator he is close to the bottom.

Fast forward a lot of mundane details and picture me standing over the box, running scissors along the packing tape to open the package. But before the reveal, let me go on to say that we girls usually give our guys a few guidelines, hints, rules, lists, etc., etc. My only rule is "Please rethink a gift that requires a plug." [mind out of gutter, please] Which brings me back to a Valentine's gift given to me when boy wonder was a week old. I had been nesting for quite some time. Yellow was my favorite color.  I had spread the color yellow like butter over the walls of two homes and raved over it's yummy qualities. Now, let me remind you MM is considerate and thoughtful. I have been surprised with dozens of romantic and beautiful gifts throughout the years. I'm not taking anything away from his thoughtfullness and generosity, by any means. Just read on...He was so excited when it came in the mail. He was standing over me while I opened it and waited for my response to the reveal of my very own extra wide Kitchen Aid toaster in buttery yellow!! [gasp] Valentine's Day fail!!

Now, back to 2012...You're probably wondering what was in the box? This year, I'm proud to be the owner of a Bose Soundlink Speaker with Vinyl Cover. [gulp] The two guys reading my blog are probably thinking, "Very cool! How can she be bothered by receiving one of those?" But no, not bothered at all. It's a wonderful gift and I love techie gifts, too. However, where's the sizzle? Has our skin grown so tough to thwart off cupids arrows? Has he been buried too deeply into the rules of the sea that he has forgotten to woo a girl? Oh, how times have changed. No, this is definitely a brain lapse and technically it's a device that only needs to be plugged in to recharge it's battery. I'll forgive him this time...as I'm listening to sappy love songs streaming perfectly through the mobile sound system. Thank you MM! I do love it.

Remember boys, follow the guidelines set by your girls and all will be divine.

Happy Valentine's Day to All!

photo credits: Jeremy Harwell Photography


Have a great weekend.

It's the weekend before valentine's day. Maybe, an early celebration is in order. It does fall on a Tuesday, you know. But if your sweetheart is anon or away...well, then have a GREAT weekend!


Linked 52: quiet

I've joined my favorite ladies on the web, again, in addition to a few more...

This time our project is Linked 52. Luckily, I caught up with them only a few weeks into the assignments. 

The theme this week is quiet...listen...can you hear it?

South Florida would be overgrown with these beautiful banyan trees if it wasn't for developers. This particular tree is part of a huge lot of them on the property where my old elementary school used to stand. They are not pictured but there are at least a dozen more. Unfortunately, the school burned down some years ago. It was one of the oldest ones in our county, built in 1926. However, it closed its doors for good in 1986 after 68 years of educating children. 

Despite the fact that the grounds have been quiet for a couple of decades, I can still hear the excitement of children playing and swinging on the vines and branches of these beautiful trees. 

I should know...I was one of them.


I still enjoy a fine box of chocolates

When it comes to Valentine's day, I still appreciate a traditional box of chocolates. It's sweet, romantic and indulgent without going overboard.

image taken from google
Feast your eyes on this storefront of fine chocolates, Prestat, in London. They have been supplying the Queen with fine chocolates for over thirty five years.  I just adore the bright colored packaging and they ship to the US, ladies.

Wouldn't you like to be surprised with one of these fun and bright boxes?

I would. 


Playing with sharks

She was bored until...

 she spotted him...

...The SHARK!

"Come back...

...and I will pet you," she thought.

But. then. she got him.


How many of you take advantage of your hometown indoor playgrounds? We have a few great ones. These were taken at A Latte Fun, a mix of indoor playground and cafe for the hip and trendy moms & tots up to the age of eight. This particular owner was hands on and brought out the battery powered shark for a little added fun to a lazy Tuesday afternoon. The girls loved it! 



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