Cupid was off by a little.

So, my very considerate and thoughtful husband decided to give his sweetheart [me] an early Valentine's Day present. He will be far and unavailable for a few weeks, which will make it hard for him to pick up the phone or conduct a video conference with me in order to send his love over the airways. [awwww]

Early last week, I received a phone call from the doorman [oh la la, we are temporarily living in a building with a doorman] that he had received a package for me. I was slightly curious but not surprised of the arrival because two out of the three wonderkids are celebrating birthdays and Valentine's Day IS around the corner. Now, I'm not quite sure if it's the mere fact of being married close to fifteen years of the twenty something Valentine's Day that we have spent together, that he is scrapping the bottom of the creativity barrel. I have to come to the conclusion that this year's gift is an indicator he is close to the bottom.

Fast forward a lot of mundane details and picture me standing over the box, running scissors along the packing tape to open the package. But before the reveal, let me go on to say that we girls usually give our guys a few guidelines, hints, rules, lists, etc., etc. My only rule is "Please rethink a gift that requires a plug." [mind out of gutter, please] Which brings me back to a Valentine's gift given to me when boy wonder was a week old. I had been nesting for quite some time. Yellow was my favorite color.  I had spread the color yellow like butter over the walls of two homes and raved over it's yummy qualities. Now, let me remind you MM is considerate and thoughtful. I have been surprised with dozens of romantic and beautiful gifts throughout the years. I'm not taking anything away from his thoughtfullness and generosity, by any means. Just read on...He was so excited when it came in the mail. He was standing over me while I opened it and waited for my response to the reveal of my very own extra wide Kitchen Aid toaster in buttery yellow!! [gasp] Valentine's Day fail!!

Now, back to 2012...You're probably wondering what was in the box? This year, I'm proud to be the owner of a Bose Soundlink Speaker with Vinyl Cover. [gulp] The two guys reading my blog are probably thinking, "Very cool! How can she be bothered by receiving one of those?" But no, not bothered at all. It's a wonderful gift and I love techie gifts, too. However, where's the sizzle? Has our skin grown so tough to thwart off cupids arrows? Has he been buried too deeply into the rules of the sea that he has forgotten to woo a girl? Oh, how times have changed. No, this is definitely a brain lapse and technically it's a device that only needs to be plugged in to recharge it's battery. I'll forgive him this time...as I'm listening to sappy love songs streaming perfectly through the mobile sound system. Thank you MM! I do love it.

Remember boys, follow the guidelines set by your girls and all will be divine.

Happy Valentine's Day to All!

photo credits: Jeremy Harwell Photography


  1. as oneof the boys...i get it...you ask a great question on the sizzle...of course i know you will have a convo with him and wont hurt him too bad on this...sometimes us guys can think practically and need help in that romance department you know...smiles.

  2. Brian...I'm sure you can whip out a quick verse dedicated to your love for Tara and all will be good! Hahahaha!!

  3. Ok, this made me laugh. I was hanging on every word! Sigh. Will they ever get it??? One Christmas I got one of the Bullet choppers. Ugh.


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