Happy Valentine's Day.

I've mentioned before that I love Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda. In my humble opinion, the most romantic and passionate writer bar none. He can depict a love story in a few stanzas and leave you wanting for more.

I'm fortunate enough that I can read his poetry in his native language, Spanish, because sometimes the meaning can get lost in translation. However, here is a poem that still evokes the power of the union of two people.

Perhaps not to be is to be without your being       

Perhaps not to be is to be without your being, 
without your going, that cuts noon light
like a blue flower, without your passing
later through fog and stones,
without the torch you lift in your hand
that others may not see as golden,
that perhaps no one believed blossomed
the glowing origin of the rose,
without, in the end, your being, your coming
suddenly, inspiringly, to know my life,
blaze of the rose-tree, wheat of the breeze:
and it follows that I am, because you are:
it follows from 'you are', that I am, and we:
and, beacuse of love, you will, I will,
We will, come to be.

Beautiful, n'est pas? Of course, the obvious assumption of poetry about love, would be to assume that it is of the conventional love between a man & a woman. However, if you dig deeper you can apply this to the love of a mother or father to their childern, a child can dedicate it to their parent, or between two fantastically close friends. You can relate it however your heart desires. That's the beauty of prose. It's open to all sorts of interpretations.

However, you spend your day, spend it with love in your heart. Happy Valentines Day.



  1. neruda is a master...esp of love...great verse...and hope you enjoy your valentines day...smiles.

  2. I am not smart enough to read poetry. Seriously, maybe it's because I'm sick but I can't make sense of this. ;) I better come back and reread it when I feel better. :)

    The fact that you can read it in Spanish is awesome!

  3. Brian...the master of all masters, indeed.

    Michelle...I'm laughing out loud at your comment. Yes, you can. If you're smart enough to read scripture then you're smart enough to read poetry ; )


Thank you.