The Love Party.

Our love party was a success. My co-hostess and I enjoyed our sweet Love Party for our little girls. They were three satisfied sweethearts, not too mention our guests. 

The cake in the middle was my creation. I especially had fun making the cake bunting topper. The other two gorgeous ones were made by the second mom in charge. They were as good as they looked...all of them!

These sweet chocolate rimmed milk shots were a pinspiration. I have been anxious to make these for awhile. I just wish that I hadn't procrastinated and made them in advance. I really wanted them to be picture perfect. The kids loved them and they are extra yummy with strawberry milkshakes. 

Now, off to enjoy the rest of our five day weekend. Yes, five!!! 


  1. nice...i love the sprinkles on the cup edges that is awesome...smiles...and very cool face paint too...a love party...might have to steal that idea....

  2. wow i'd love to have a love party too! =)

  3. I love the "love" party theme. You could do this anytime of the year really. My Bean would be all over this!


Thank you.