Playing with sharks

She was bored until...

 she spotted him...

...The SHARK!

"Come back...

...and I will pet you," she thought.

But. then. she got him.


How many of you take advantage of your hometown indoor playgrounds? We have a few great ones. These were taken at A Latte Fun, a mix of indoor playground and cafe for the hip and trendy moms & tots up to the age of eight. This particular owner was hands on and brought out the battery powered shark for a little added fun to a lazy Tuesday afternoon. The girls loved it! 


  1. ha lots of fun...this town has little but we have one of the most amazing indoor playgrounds...great pics...

  2. I have to laugh. We have that exact same shark sitting, half-deflated, on our dining room table. My in-laws got it for my son as a birthday gift. Seriously, they get him the craziest presents. It's pretty cool though, if you can keep it inflated. :)

  3. Andrea...they just loved it!!! I have to admit, I want to get it for them, too. It maybe a good daddy/daughter bonding game.

  4. Hey B...These indoor playgrounds save us Floridians on excruciating hot days!!!


Thank you.