Romance on Linked 52

There seems to be a theme going on here this week. First, the love party and now a little romance. Well, why not? I was inspired by this sweet stationary and imagined writing a lovely letter. So many romances have started off with just pen and paper. While other romances keep the flame alive with messages scribbled on a romantic note pad.  

Hope you enter the weekend with a little love in your heart. Please enjoy other romantic entries by...


  1. soooo pretty.

    i love the written word.

    i think you may have inspired me to write my own little love note to my hubs.

  2. This is so pretty, Liza. I adore handwritten notes and letters!

  3. I love your photo! What a great interpretation. So very true that letter writing is the original romantic gesture. Hand-written letters are so nice to write and receive. It's a shame we don't do this as much with all of our gadgets these day.

  4. I loved your little love party and I love this stationary. I'm such a paper geek. :)

  5. A simple picture of paper yet still beautiful. I've definitely felt the love by reading everyone's linked posts this week.

  6. can't wait to be home...keep the romance theme going...

  7. I like this take on romance...simple. sweet.


Thank you.