She says the darndest things.

The conversation went like this.

[scene: mother, that's me, shuffling through DVD's so her beautiful princesses can watch their favorite bedtime movie. My silhouette captures my oldest daughter's eye. Yes, we do bedtime movies from time to time. Please don't send the literacy police my way. ]

wonder girl: Mom...
me:  ye-es...
wonder girl: mom, maybe, if you take a break from eating [pause] you can get skinny.
me: [disgruntled] HERE's your MOVIE.

            ...mother exits room

wonder girl: Mommy are you mad?

Ouch, that hurt. I'm not going to lie but as you may know I've reached a stage in my life where the weight just doesn't come off that easily. Still not using it as an excuse. I'm doing the work, workouts, and changing eating and lifestyle habits. I've discovered quinoa, which, in my opinion, is slightly addictive. In addition to working my way to eliminate all things white from my diet...white sugar, white flour, etc... The weight is slowly coming off and new habits have been formed.

I wake up at the crack of dawn to jog/run and have signed up for a few 5k runs to keep me motivated. Running has never been my strong suit. In fact, I've never ran a race in my life...swimming... yes...running...never! Strangely, I enjoy it. Race days are very exciting and being in the presence of thousands of people running for a cause makes me feel proud.

Things have changed...photography has taken a backseat to monitoring my health. But who can blame me for that? So, for now it's a lot less late night blogging and editing. It's early bedtimes and scheduled posts with a few funny anecdotes to keep you coming back.

Thanks to wondergirl for giving me something to talk about. 


  1. ouch...gotta love kids...and hey good on you for making postive life changes...they are def not easy...

  2. oh my! Kids have no filters, do they? My almost 5 year old has been doing a lot of blurting out in public places....like hey, look at that guy chewing! Nice..ha. Way to go on making life changes, good for you!


Thank you.