Happiest Place on Earth

Going to the happiest place on earth for a very short trip. 
Getting the chance to see some old and dear Navy buddies 
while on their family vacation to Disney. 
So glad to be living in Florida right now. 
This is the second reunion of sorts with good Navy friends. 


  1. july...we will be there...maybe...hopefully...

    and have fun seeing old buddies...that is awesome

    1. Keeping fingers crossed you'll make. Brave family planning a trip to FL in July!

  2. Liza...did you know that Jessica, on our link up list, is in Florida and her hubby is in the Navy? Just had to make the connection in case you hadn't! And, this photo makes me yearn for DLand. :(

  3. Oh fun!! Love love love this shot and how you composed it!

    We are thinking about taking the kids this fall. Would love any tips you may have!!

  4. We were there in December...and it is, indeed, a very happy place. :) Hope you enjoyed seeing your friends.


Thank you.