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Well, it might surprise some that I'm a type b personality, or not. I am...There is NO denying it. This is where i get silly with this post. When I envisioned creating this post, I imagined myself going to the local vegetable stand and picking the ripest vegetables for a fabulous photo shoot. "Um, where is it?" you ask. Still in my head...see it. 

Joking aside, life got in the way. I have these veggie tiles in my kitchen that are my nemesis. It was an instant dislike in my rented apartment kitchen. I have tried to cover them with appliances, kitchen tools, paper towel stands...you name it. They are definitely a design fail in this adorable apartment.  

What are some of your design fails that you've inherited in your space? 

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  1. this is hilarious! my inherited design fail is the blue and white marble looking bathtub in our master bathroom. it looks like a bar of coast soap. oh, and don't forget the matching sinks and counter top! a feast for the eyes...

  2. I can see why these aren't your favorite. ;) I'd probably be trying to hide them behind anything too! My design fail is of my own creation - painting our kitchen and family room walls a olive green color. Ew..what WAS I thinking? Hate it now. Makes the two rooms look wayyy too dark. Repainting with a nice, bright white this summer!

  3. Oh too funny! They arent that bad! Id have to say our master bath is our design fail. Everything is this outdated blue color, including the toilet. Gah i hate the toilet! Someday it will be replaced!

  4. oh man, i just love that this was your share for this week! too funny! they are quite the tiles. :)

    we're pretty fortunate to live in a new house that i really like. the only thing i wish i could change right now is the tile in our bathrooms. i went with this honey light brown colour and i hate it with the flooring we chose. i wanted white subway tile but changed my mind at the last minute. i wish i hadn't. it would look so good with the white subway tile. not so much a design fail but just something i wish was different

    we have however lived in some interesting places before we bought our house. the 2 that stand out are the one with the mint green toilet, sink and bathtub was quite something. and in another apartment we had a pink toilet and bathtub. it was definitely a good conversation starter. :)


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