Spirit at Linked 52

Visiting this tree is truly a spiritual experience. I've never visited the Redwood Trees in California but I would imagine that it is comparable. It sits on the back lawn of this chapel in Palm Beach and is visited daily by hundreds of visitors, walkers and tourists. Everybody that sees it stops to take its picture, rest on its roots or just sits and stares at it for a few minutes.

The day was just right. I was shooting with my favorite light of the day...just before sundown. I vow that one day, I will be able to have everything ready around the house and leave MM home with the kids around sunset while I go on safari to shoot my favorite places around town. You can't see them, but the wonder kids are hiding somewhere in the shadows. I had more images to choose from but I couldn't resist the sunflare shining through. 

I hope that if you ever travel through Palm Beach that you visit this place. You'll never forget it. 

Also in the spirit of Linked 52, I made a little badge for the other players to add to your blogs. Please drop me an email at hellolizabee@yahoo.com and I'll send it or just copy it off the blog if you can.

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  1. Liza, I would sit under the tree as often as I could. I find them very spiritual. And your sunflare just casts a perfect glow. I live among the Ca redwoods. They are impressive and indeed, other worldly. If you ever travel to the northern part of Ca, the Avenue of the Giants will leave you speechless. It's hard to soak up their majesty and not feel overwhelmed.
    I don't have room on my actual web page for the link badge but I will gladly boast it on the link up days at the bottom of my posts! I think I have your email.

  2. oh wow...that is a gorgeous tree...love all the limbs...bet there are many stories contained within its limbs...and many a family been under them

  3. this.is.gorgeous!!!
    the perfect shot!

  4. Oh my, Liza. What an incredible tree and beautiful photo. I especially love it in b&w. GORGEOUS! I adore trees and have always wanted to visit the redwoods in northern CA. Someday. :)

  5. very pretty and majestic...I have been to PB many times and never seen this! We had a condo in Stuart..north of Jupiter..when I was a child.

  6. Oh this is dreamy perfection. Love it! x

  7. What a gorgeous tree. I could sit there for hours with a book. Beautifully captured - pretty sunlight. I love that kind of light, though I have no idea how to shoot it just yet.
    I'd love to put your badge on my blog!

  8. This so so AMAZING! You better have this one blown up on canvas somewhere in your house! I don't think it could be anymore PERFECT!

  9. Great minds think alike! A tree was my focus for spirit too.

    I'll email you for a copy of the badge.


Thank you.