In flight. Next stop Hawaii.

If you follow me on instagram, you probably figured out that we're en route to Hawaii. We're anxious to arrive but missing our family and friends back home.

Did I fail to mention that our trip was moved up a week earlier? It WAS! The Navy has a way of keeping families on their toes. I immediatly, started packing and purging (not in the bad way, but in the anti-hoarder sort of way). Some things made the cut. It got packed, sealed and sent to Hawaii, while other things were returned to their rightful owners. I was surprised on how much was collected in just eight months. Needless to say, I called in my troops and we packed every last toy, toothpick and television out of the apartment. It was CRAZY!

The last few weeks have been spent packing, attending farewell get togethers, playdates, in addition to, our daily routine. The children received a lot of love from everybody. They have a stack of handmade cards from their classmates and close friends to prove it. I guess if you have a ten year old and a six year kissing their apartment goodbye and saying that they are sad to leave, then you've done a good job. The connections have been made and the fact that they were able to have closure allow them to look forward to making new ones. I'm proud of them. Now, for me...it is difficult to give up living near (in some instances within walking distance) to family and the conveniences of our little place. However, I'm looking forward to making it happen all over again.

We're slowly making our way to the island and as soon as I get to reliable internet, proper updates will be made and I will get back to my regular routine.



  1. yay...hope the trip goes well...and doesnt it feel good to do some of that purging...smiles...arrive well and i hope settling in goes well...

  2. Yessssss... But somehow i still think i have too much. George Carlin's "stuff" routine always comes to mind when i move.

  3. Praying for safe travels and moving mercies!!!! We'll be waiting for your return to blogland. :)

  4. Safe travels! Can't wait to see pictures when you get there and are all settled in. :)

  5. Safe travels! Cant wait to see pics of hawaii!


Thank you.