Sparkle and Shine

Today, I decided to contribute to this month's owp at Shutter Sisters. The word for April is sparkle. I entered this one to the flickr pool but was later inspired to post these other sparkly treasures from the archives. I've been experimenting with bokeh since Christmas (lights everywhere). Shooting sparkle is one my favorite things to do, whether it's sunflare, sparkling lights or the light in someone eyes...sparkle, sparkle, shine.

These were created very simply. I switched the camera into manual mode. I mean manual everything, even manual focus. I pointed the camera to my subject and turned the lens to just the amount of bokeh or blurr-i-ness that I thought was appropriate and appealed to my artistic eye. My 35mm was on the camera at that moment (the ones above) but you can use any lens if you follow those very simple instructions. It's not too complicated, really. Switch the camera to manual mode, the lens to manual as well and turn the lens until the shot is out of focus...voila! Sparkle!

Go on...challenge yourself and give it a try.


  1. oh these are fabulous...love the light play...esp that first one as i can def get a sense of what it is..

  2. These are awesome! I need to practice!

  3. Loving photo #2! Bokeh is brilliant and beautiful!


Thank you.