Special gatherings

The entire family and some of my dearest friends and family went on an easter egg roll and hunt here. It was such a beautiful setting but I have to be honest, there was way too much Lilly Pulitzer on display. There was a time where I thought she was the best thing next to sliced bread. It's cute in small doses but splattered all over the lawn...geeez!

THANK GOODNESS, I'm over it. 

Sweet little baby girl wasn't sure what to do during the hunt. Come to think of it, we didn't go to one last year because we were traveling. This was her first official egg hunt she will remember. Hope it was a good one.

Yesterday, I woke up with an Easter hangover. Is that even possible? Well, it was something because my head was still spinning from the weekend's fun. It was such a good day full of hunts, egg dying, feasting (yay, I can eat meat, again), toasting, sharing and eating. Most of yesterday, we rested from a weekend full of gatherings and celebrations. So, I caught up with laundry and more packing for the move...yawn.

However, my memory of this Easter Sunday will be a good great one. One that measures up to the great ones of my childhood full of sharing, gathering and feasting with a special group of people. 


  1. she looks so cute in her white dress!

    i had to go and look up who Lilly Pulitzer is - had no idea. your comment about her is too funny!

  2. trust me i know exactly what you are saying easter eve i was wore slap out from all the kids, egg hunting, playing....cute pics...and glad you had a nice easter...

  3. your photography is so beautiful and fresh!

  4. So adorable! Although I am not anxious to have kids for another couple of years, I does sound like a lot of fun to watch a first easter or chistmas or disneyland trip. :)

  5. aw, how adorable! i'm sure she will remember! how special!
    xo TJ


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