Movie Night

I will be enjoying a couple of late night movies, tonight. The husband is busy working on a slide presentation for work and kids are fast asleep. Well, I thought I wasn't going to blog tonight. I sneaked a blog post using the Blogger app on my iphone and uploaded this pic from instagram. I think I seriously need an intervention from the phone (and instagram). I call the phone my "magic box" because of what I can do with it. To think that I told MM that I never wanted one of these. What was I thinking?


  1. nice...enjoy the movies...the debaters is really good...have not seen the other one...

  2. I LOVE Denzel, in anything. Mmmmmm

  3. Ha! Seriously, what can the iphone NOT do??????

  4. If only the iPhone could exercise and eat for us, I think it would be even more perfect! HA! What app did you use to blog from your phone? Sounds cool! (Like I need another app to mess around with...)


Thank you.