linked 52: Party Time! They Danced & Stomped the Night Away

Yes, I dug in deep into the archives for this week's entry. But in my defense I just moved half way around the world and finally settled with all my toys and tools needed to get back into the swing of things. Still no house. We are hotel hopping until mid July. Hotel hopping with a capital H and that means no suites my sweets. We are all crammed in one room with two double beds and a pull out with toys and trinkets...oh my! This is the glamorous side of Navy life, folks (not!) Anyways, hope you don't mind a brief recount of a fun night...all nerdy and cultural like.

'Let's toast! Flamenco has gotten the honor it finally deserved.' 

It was Tuesday, Novemeber 10, 2010. Noel and I had escaped to Madrid for a few days alone while he was on business. We were looking for something to do and a bite to eat and came across "casapatas," a flamenco & tapas bar. "Casapatas" literally means "house of hooves." I especially loved that title because it was a fun way to highlight the restaurant's primary form of entertainment...the rapid movement of dancing feet. The night included a dinner and a show. I brought my big girl camera and captured the night's exciting news. The camera almost stayed back in the hotel but at the last minute I dropped it into my bag. Lucky, for me there was enough stage lighting and we scored great seats only a few feet from the stage. All these shots were taken without a flash, without a tripod while on Manual mode. Great practice for indoor lighting with some great action shots. 

Then the big news was announced. UNESCO had declared the dance of flamenco as an intangible piece of cultural heritage. The dance form had been originated by gypsies centuries ago and had been denied the prestigious nod by the UNESCO committee just five years prior to that night. The performers were estatic and as audience members, we witnessed a little piece of cultural history get the recognition it deserved. I mean, if you would have asked me prior to that night, I would have guessed that it was an international intangible landmark, already. Most people imagine flamenco dancers when they think of Spain, right?

They ended the night's performance with a toast and a freestyle flamenco session, if you will, as they celebrated and partied off stage.

In any event, it was a special night for the art community and I was happy to celebrate along with them.

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  1. hope you can maybe get something before july! or that they have a pool wherever you go!!

    love these in black & white.

  2. I hope you can find someplace to call home soon.
    These pictures are great. That looks like a fun time.

  3. Partying in Madrid sounds heavenly - even hotel hopping sounds better than nothing. At least you have maid service :)

  4. awesome photos! so fun! i have a friend who used to flamenco dance and it was always so fun to go and watch her perform. I can't imagine how awesome it would be to see in Madrid! so cool.

    i hope you find somewhere to live soon! i can't imagine how unsettling that would be.

  5. Have an evening out on the city. Madrid is to Spain, what big apple is to America; the town that never sleeps. There are many districts in Madrid that are buzzing with activity each night. Malasana is where you wish to travel if your tastes run to different music - indie, rock, pop and punk, whereas Cheuca is that the place to be for nice dance music

    tablao flamenco madrid

  6. Ok, I'm still stuck on all of you living on a hotel room until mid July. Ouch! That has got to be some cramped quarters. I hope you find the right place to live soon!
    Lovely photos, especially given the low lighting situation. Looks like everyone was having a wonderful time!

  7. These photos are wonderful! I love them.


Thank you.