A strong Cup of Joe, please.

This helps to beat defeat.

"Tall Americano with a double shot of espresso. Yes, it's that kinda morning."

This was the caption I posted on instagram yesterday morning, after dropping the kids off to school. The mornings come rather quickly since I've been sleeping so poorly.  MM has left for a short underway. An underway is not a deployment. Deployments, depending on the vessel, last months at a time. Underways tend to be much shorter, usually a couple of weeks, give or take. How do you like that for vague? Are you familiar with the saying "Loose lips sink ships"? It's not just an old cliché, it's a silent code military spouses live by, until our men/women return home. We can not reveal too many secrets [wink wink]. Specifics about deployments and underways are not allowed and in complete violation to the rules and standards written by all branches of service. You'll never get anything out of me...nope...no way...no matter how much you tickle me. 

Nevertheless, when MM is away, my sleep pattern is the pits. This morning I almost gave in to defeat...until, I remembered there was a Starbucks around the corner from baby number three's pre-school. 

Ta-daa! Good as new, until I self-destruct the second I press send. 


  1. ha...coffee def helps....hope the underway goes quick and life not be too much for you....smiles.

  2. Yea for coffee to lift us from the depths of despair. :) Hope the time passes quickly for you.

  3. Oh friend, I'm so sorry you aren't sleeping well. I'm praying the time goes by fast and that you have endless coffee. :)

  4. oh man, when sleep eludes me I have nothing to help. I'm not a coffee drinker! Prayers for you while you are on your own for the next few weeks.


Thank you.