What's your favorite Ice Cream shop?

Well, you're probably thinking that Italy would be top on our list as far as ice cream. As utterly delicious we find gelatto in this household. Cory and I will have to agree that amarena is our all time favorite. Ummm, so delicious. The closest you can get to amarena in the mainland is black cherry.

But Sloan's in Florida is an ice cream and candy shop stocked with personality. It's over the top, colorful and fun. The ice cream and their shakes, eggcreams and malts are delicious, too. You can't help but leave with a smile on your face. [haha] He looks so convincing, doesn't he? Thanks for posing, Cory. 


  1. wow that is a pretty amazing looking ice cream shop....ours is a stand....called mr goodies....you get a massive 8 inch ice cream cone for about 2 dollars....

  2. You should try New Zealand ice cream if you get a chance! I haven't had the chance to sample ice cream from many other countries, but from what I hear, the ice cream made here is particularly creamy!


Thank you.