Wander the Swap Shop

I soaked up a little local flavor this week at the swap shop. It's a big one. It surrounds the entire perimeter of the Aloha stadium with two rows of local vendors. I scanned a little less than half of the shops in two hours. There's a wide range of booths full of handmade or mass produced trinkets and freshly baked goodies. Market shopping is one of my favorites. I really enjoy dragging my market bag behind me while out in the open searching for little treasures. I'll be honest, I missed my favorite shoe vendors from Italy, but I was looking for local fun items and there were plenty.  

I hope you make it to the fiftieth state in your future. Be sure to visit the swap shop. It's a great place to bring sweet souvenirs home. 

[Post update: If you're looking for vintage items, make sure to visit the swap meet on the weekend.]


Google Reader Next Button

I’ve been using Google Reader for a very long time. Are you using Google Reader? If not, you should. Wow, I'm being bossy. Seriously, it's a great way of keeping all blogs subscribed in a neat list and instantly updates as soon as a blog post is written. Anyway, somewhere along the way I discovered a feature that’s been there since 2007: The next button.

As Google explains in the original post announcing the feature, “The ‘Next’ bookmarklet allows you to use Google Reader through just one link — clicking on it takes your browser to the next unread item in your reading list (marking it as read in the process). It’s also useful for subscriptions that only include snippets, or when I want to read an article in context.

If you’d like to grab yours, just go to “settings” and then “goodies” in Reader. It’s the best of both worlds: feeds in context. That means you get to visit each blog as it appears not just the content. My most favorite part of reading your blogs is to visit your creative space. It's blog reading with the ambience. 


The Pentax Spotmatic

It's great to be excited about photography, again. This time I went in the opposite direction. Instead of Hi-Fi, I went Lo-Fi. I found this little gem in an estate sale in Florida right before the big move. It was a steal at $25. I grabbed it just as the seller was packing up the leftover items from the sale. The seller told me it had belonged to her father and she had used it very little. It came with the original case, leash, a 50m/1.4 and a Super Takumar zoom 2.5/135mm. Honestly, I thought at the price even if it didn't work it would be nice to display on a bookshelf.

I'm glad to say that it works just fine. The pentax and I made a visit to a local camera shop where the clerks inspected it and assured me it was in good working condition. They did tell me that the meter gage might not work but the mechanism was fine. The film reader works. I'm already five exposures into my film adventure. The Asahi Pentax Spotmatic was apparently built to last. It is all metal and the class is free of scratches. The hunt for a battery continues, though. I like to see if the meter does function. Who knows, I might get lucky?

In the meantime, I'm researching types of film and going through countless flickr pools and blogs that use this camera with a combination of different looks.  I can't wait to show you what this little guy can create. My fingers are crossed that the skill for film photography has not been lost even after using digital for several years...fingers-crossed.


Gone Shopping: Emerson Fry

I've been toying with doing a shopping series for some time on the blog. When I was younger, my mother and her best friend used to drag me and her daughter to the mall every Saturday. Our playgrounds used to be Jordan Marsh, Burdines, Lord & Taylor and this little funky boutique called Petite Sophisticate. They spent hours shopping and we spent hours entertaining ourselves among the racks of clothes and shoes. As we got older, the sense for style rubbed off and we ingested fashion magazines and watched Style by Elsa Klensch on CNN. 

Style is no longer on CNN and they are faraway. However, mom and her bestie are still shopping on Saturdays and drag my bestie with them, when they can pull her away from her boys...big meanies. I know they read the blog, so, this is for you, ladies. This includes all you ladies and gentlemen readers, too. Let's go shopping!

First stop: Emerson Fry. Seriously, I can have one of everything in the 2013 Fall collection. It's so casually chic and easily fits any lifestyle. Even this mommy on the go.


Linked 52 : Autumn in Hawaii?

Don't expect pumpkin patches, scented spiced candles or hot apple cider. Hawaii isn't exactly known for it's spectacular Fall colors. Realizing that my blog has been in a rut with surfside images I decided to go on a scavenger hunt for Fall colors. I found them...

I was able to find these three sad little autumn colored treasures on my very small lawn. Don't laugh. I can only imagine what my neighbors were thinking as I was squating and running behind these. The tradewinds were blowing them away at one point. The Fall is one season that I will always miss from our time spent in New England. It was such a magical time for me. Spending a Fall in New England or any state north of the Mason-Dixon line made me feel like I was experiencing part of American history. Well, with Thanksgiving being a significant part of Autumn, it makes it that more special. During my childhoold, I always felt like I was lacking in tradition as compared to my Northern neighbors. 

In any event., I did enjoy shooting with my new macro and managed to capture these few dreamy images. 

Have a warm and cozy Fall weekend everybody! Have some hot apple cider for me.


The South Shore

Greetings from South Shore, aka, Waikiki Beach.
Enjoy! Only one more day till the weekend.


My thoughts on Facebook & Why I'll Never Give Up on Blogger

At one point, I was a big fan of Facebook. I saw its use and tickled to connect with friends from all phases of my life....yada, yada, yada. Then, the fun ended. Its constant changes, its perspective and the roller coaster of emotions on the news feed exhausted me everytime I logged on. It wasn't fun, anymore. Lastly, did you know that the only reason why the FB team made it difficult to turn off the comments and likes feature was to increase their appeal to their advertisers? It wasn't to further the social experience as they like to make us believe. That translates to millions of dollars in revenue for the young company. Kudos for them but a big turn off for me. Seriously, my friends in Bahrain don't need to see what comments I make to a friend of mine in Florida they are not connected with in anyway shape or form. I just felt like a big marketing experiment. So, I made a conscious decision to log off and stay off.  Facebook free for over a week and counting.


A Weekend With Dolphins

A scene from the shore and a dolphin show. Honestly, the dolphin show wasn't the best but it satisfied their curiosity. Their classmates had been talking it up since school started. They wouldn't admit it, but I noticed they were slightly disappointed. I hate to see their hopes get crushed over simple things like these. Everytime they experience little disappointments, I see their innocence slip away and it breaks my heart. They are growing up right before my eyes.

[Post, post] My personal review on this recreational park is don't waste your time, unless you plan on spending the extra price over admission for the dolphin encounter. If you go just to walk around and see a show, prepare to be unimpressed. 


White, Orange + Black

I was playing with Polyvore a bit and whipped up this little glamorous look. Honestly, shopping at forty-ish and with a little extra in the mid-section can be tricky. I'm always finding ways to hide my mid-section. That's why I like these cuts in dresses and since I'm playing, why not dream up the most glamorous outfit with an unlimited budget? If I keep up this kind of shopping, the kids will have to rely on college scholarships.

White, Orange + Black

White, Orange + Black by lbandco featuring platform high heels

Window shopping is always fun.



Another glimpse of our very normal and productive kitchen. Yes, I'm still cooking up a storm and making all sorts of plans for meals. The meal planning has made daily life exponentially easier. I found worksheets here that allow you to plan four meals weekly and leaves extra space for additional items. I use the worksheets weekly. 

Why four? Realistically, I don't cook a huge meal everyday and leave room for take out, dining out, left-overs and sandwich nights; makes for very satisfied and happy tummies.

We're touring kitchens this week on linked 52. Check out some other great kitchen details.