Linked 52 : Autumn in Hawaii?

Don't expect pumpkin patches, scented spiced candles or hot apple cider. Hawaii isn't exactly known for it's spectacular Fall colors. Realizing that my blog has been in a rut with surfside images I decided to go on a scavenger hunt for Fall colors. I found them...

I was able to find these three sad little autumn colored treasures on my very small lawn. Don't laugh. I can only imagine what my neighbors were thinking as I was squating and running behind these. The tradewinds were blowing them away at one point. The Fall is one season that I will always miss from our time spent in New England. It was such a magical time for me. Spending a Fall in New England or any state north of the Mason-Dixon line made me feel like I was experiencing part of American history. Well, with Thanksgiving being a significant part of Autumn, it makes it that more special. During my childhoold, I always felt like I was lacking in tradition as compared to my Northern neighbors. 

In any event., I did enjoy shooting with my new macro and managed to capture these few dreamy images. 

Have a warm and cozy Fall weekend everybody! Have some hot apple cider for me.


  1. Yep, this pretty much looks like my "autumn" here. Out leaves turn yellow in a week's time, blow off the trees, and then it's winter. Makes me so sad. :(

  2. oh my gosh, those macro photos are amazing! i can't believe they were taken with your iphone! wow!

  3. oh wow...that last one looks like flesh...really cool curve on it too...um yeah your fall is a little different...smiles.

  4. I wonder if my neighbors think of the same of me... no matter what season it is.....

    Love the macro lens! I think it's so neat, those lens for the camera. Too cool.

  5. I'm intrigued by macro. Never tried a macro lens. Maybe I should rent one.

    1. Hi heather. I used the ollioclip which is a macro for the iphone. Cheaper than renting for DSLR if you have have a smartphone.

  6. Wow, nice macros.
    Growing up in Minnesota, we get Lots of color and that is exactly what my daughter misses so much now that she's in Arizona.
    If you need to see some fall colors, just put out a request and we'll all send some color your way, but then you need to send lots of sun and sand and palm trees when we're freezing our behinds off.


Thank you.