White, Orange + Black

I was playing with Polyvore a bit and whipped up this little glamorous look. Honestly, shopping at forty-ish and with a little extra in the mid-section can be tricky. I'm always finding ways to hide my mid-section. That's why I like these cuts in dresses and since I'm playing, why not dream up the most glamorous outfit with an unlimited budget? If I keep up this kind of shopping, the kids will have to rely on college scholarships.

White, Orange + Black

White, Orange + Black by lbandco featuring platform high heels

Window shopping is always fun.


  1. elegant yet stylish...i like...

    like i know anything about fashion but...

    1. LOL!!! Brian...I love that you give your input!

  2. me gusta esta bonito compratelo hija, pontelo ahora antes de que las hijas te asalten el closet,

    Abuela Katty


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