On the Sidelines

My sweet girls try so hard to entertain themselves on the soccer sidelines but sometimes they just fall short. We are spending five days a week on the soccer sidelines between practice, extra clinics and games. The boys in my life are in heaven but the girls are just not finding any joy in these activities. It's ironic because my husband was Cory's first soccer coach in a coed league and jump started so many girl's love for the sport. Our friends and former teammates send us updates frequently and we love to see those sweet girls slide tackling or striking a goal. So, fun! However, it's frustrating for us, too. Getting our girls to love the game has been a challenge. I can see the frustration in Daddy's eyes. 

Actually, finding ways to interact with the kids in activities all of us can enjoy can be tricky. But we will continue to find fun by trial and error. 


  1. awww...look at her face in the end there...feeling you a bit...have to keep logan a little entertained on the football sidelines while cole plays...

  2. lastima que no les gusta espero consigan algo que las entretenga a las dos muñecas

    Abuela katty


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