Traveling & Planning

(on layover. got to see the cherry blossoms!)

we just came back from a week long leadership seminar where my head was officially shrunk. okay, so let me back track. mm is taking command in hawaii. he's has been traveling to various military training centers to prepare for the task. during the last week of command training, the spouses are invited for a leadership course, as well.  it familiarizes us to navy resources, in addition to, leadership tools to help us become effective advisors during our husbands/wives role as commanding officer. the entire experience is geared to force the spouses to think about what role they want to play as "lead" spouse while their husbands/wives are in command. 

think, Army Wives, people! 

the idea of the course and this new "role" in my life has had me anxious for a long time. i do not see myself as the lead character on that particular show. however, can relate to the many challenges that she faces. i felt different after each activity (there were many...eight hours full for five days with HOMEWORK!). my thoughts and feelings ranged from "what have i gotten myself into," "this is 2012 and i'm no june cleaver" to "oh, i got this." they had us taking all sorts of personality tests...myers-brigg, rokeach, thomas kilman...just to name a few. each uncovered a layer of our personalities and behaviors. it was intense to say the least. we learned and shared our experiences and anxieties. it was nice to know that we don't  have the answers and that we're all in the same boat (pun intended). 

i have a lot to think about. if i play my cards right, the whole experience can be the greatest in our navy experience. each former command spouse and service member has expressed that they would trade seats with us in a heartbeat. 

so, here we go! 


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Happy Spring. Now, go out and play!

this week's players


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I was able to escape with my camera during sundown for this week's challenge. It was less than half an hour but it was uninterupted and I was able to go with the mood of the afternoon. Early evening beach goers are so much fun to watch. They take full advantage of the time. You can sense by they way they swim and play, that they only have a short time until the sun is down and their fun is over. They are probably more present during this time than the rest of the day...truly living in the moment. 

Don't forget that these ladies are playing along too.

By the way ladies, thanks for sharing your inherited design fails. I loved hearing about them!

Happiest Place on Earth

Going to the happiest place on earth for a very short trip. 
Getting the chance to see some old and dear Navy buddies 
while on their family vacation to Disney. 
So glad to be living in Florida right now. 
This is the second reunion of sorts with good Navy friends. 


paris in the rain

Many times we get stuck trying to change things convincing ourselves that tweaking it just a little will make us happy. I love finding quotes like these. They are constant reminders of the importance of finding contentment not just happiness. I find that happiness can be fleeting, manic and temporary.  However, contentment feels like the end of a long journey of pulling hundreds of happy moments together, finally reaching the conclusion that you are satisfied, filled, and complete. 



weekending...is that a word? not really, but it is a feeling, a sport? 

lounging, sharing, feasting, playing, loving, watching, dating, gathering...just a few things we did this weekend. 


dinner & a movie

(images taken from official Wanderlust website)

Dinner here was delicious;  this movie was a littly naughty but kept me laughing from beginning to end. 

Noel treated us to a surprise dinner and movie. He went one step further by arranging the sitter. I love when he does that. It really takes the pressure off and makes this girl feel extra special. We had tapas for dinner since we're fasting for lent, which by the way, has been a challenge and a topic of it's own blog post. Then enjoyed this really silly and adult only film. Not an award winner, just silly & fun. A definite dinner & movie kind of film for a mommy & daddy kind of date night. 


Have a great weekend.

photo credit: eye nexus photography

This cutie couldn't get any cuter. Hope your weekend is off to a good start. If not this little bundle might get you started!

Oh, my heart can't take it!

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Well, it might surprise some that I'm a type b personality, or not. I am...There is NO denying it. This is where i get silly with this post. When I envisioned creating this post, I imagined myself going to the local vegetable stand and picking the ripest vegetables for a fabulous photo shoot. "Um, where is it?" you ask. Still in my head...see it. 

Joking aside, life got in the way. I have these veggie tiles in my kitchen that are my nemesis. It was an instant dislike in my rented apartment kitchen. I have tried to cover them with appliances, kitchen tools, paper towel stands...you name it. They are definitely a design fail in this adorable apartment.  

What are some of your design fails that you've inherited in your space? 

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10 Inspiring Travel Quotes

2. “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine

3. "Not all those who wander are lost.” – JRR Tolkien
4. “Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by.” – Robert Frost

5. "Travel is more than the seeing of sights: it's a change that goes on, deep and permanent,
 in the ideas of living." - Miriam Beard 

6.  "There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open."  Jawaharial Nehru

7. "People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home." - Dagobert D. Runes
8. "Do not follow where the path they lead. Go instead where there is not path and leave a trail."
 - Ralph Waldo Emerson

9. "There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

10. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”  Mark Twain

Wanderlust: a very strong and irresistable impulse or desire to travel the world.

I was struck by wanderlust at a very young age. It hit me on my first trip out of the country to visit relatives in Colombia. It was an amazing place. I can remember vividly it's smells, sounds and tastes. Yes, tastes! The food was amazing. I can still taste the fresh hot rolls that were served for breakfast with a warm cup of cafe con leche. Fast forward to 2009...we became ex-pats in Italy. I've we've been thinking about our lives in Italy, lately. It's been only seven months since we've been back in the US. Not very long if you think of it. We miss all of it. These pictures are from one of our last trips through Italy. They are of Riomaggiore, one of the small villages that comprise Cinque Terre. 

My wanderlust has reached a fever pitch since MM has arrived on leave. We are tweaking our moving arrangements daily. I've been keeping these quotes in a journal which have helped me keep focus on our new big move to Hawaii in May. We move for another two years to Honolulu, while Noel takes command. It's all very exciting and nerve-wracking. Another new adventure. 

Maybe, these quotes will inspire you to go to have an adventure of your own. 


Spirit at Linked 52

Visiting this tree is truly a spiritual experience. I've never visited the Redwood Trees in California but I would imagine that it is comparable. It sits on the back lawn of this chapel in Palm Beach and is visited daily by hundreds of visitors, walkers and tourists. Everybody that sees it stops to take its picture, rest on its roots or just sits and stares at it for a few minutes.

The day was just right. I was shooting with my favorite light of the day...just before sundown. I vow that one day, I will be able to have everything ready around the house and leave MM home with the kids around sunset while I go on safari to shoot my favorite places around town. You can't see them, but the wonder kids are hiding somewhere in the shadows. I had more images to choose from but I couldn't resist the sunflare shining through. 

I hope that if you ever travel through Palm Beach that you visit this place. You'll never forget it. 

Also in the spirit of Linked 52, I made a little badge for the other players to add to your blogs. Please drop me an email at hellolizabee@yahoo.com and I'll send it or just copy it off the blog if you can.

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