The One About the Swing

When a boy sees a vine, he must swing. My boy has gone native. He hasn't been able to help himself since our hike over the last weekend. Honestly, who would want to stop him...not me. 

A little update from the move. We're still getting into the swing of things. The island is slowly becoming familiar and we are enjoying what it has to offer. There are a few things planned for the weekend, like some snorkeling and movies. We are becoming very comfortable with the hotel, since we've been moved up to a suite with a seperate bedroom and small living area. You would be surprised what an extra 100 square feet makes in your daily routine. We have about another four weeks to go until our house is ready. No worries, though...we're getting used to one very great thing hotels have to offer...HOUSEKEEPING. It will be sorely missed.

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A Tale of Two Hikes

If you were to ask me to compare the last two hikes we made, I would say that the first was like a honeymoon and the second, the seven year itch. Even though, we're not the first to explore these trails, it still feels like we're discovering unchartered territory in a new land. We hiked the trail to Maunawili Falls in the upcountry section of Kailua this past weekend and we got a lot more than was advertised from the brochures we read. In my mind, this hike was going to be similiar to the one through Waimea Falls. A leisurely stroll, through either a paved road or unpaved path. 

Oh, no...that wasn't the case. It was a true hike...steep climbs, slippery rocks, vines, tall peaks and in the end more slippery rocks. The forest looked like scenes from Lost and at times I felt like a former contestant voted off Survivor. However, we had fun crossing over the rivers and swinging on vines. MM tried mountain apples for the first time. We let him be the guinea pig. 

Once we made it to the falls, we watched a dozen or so adventurous twentysomethings going through a rite of passage. Most of them were climbing the falls and jumping off the cliffs into a small opening of water with no clue of the depth. The waters were muddy and there was no real place to sit and watch the "show." (I know. I sound like a such a mom.) However, I did my best to not appear like a stick in the mud while warning my kids of the risky behavior, hoping that they'll never do that or at least not tell me when and if they do. 

During the hike, MM and I were busy holding on to the girls and keeping an eye out for Cory, too. That being said, I photographed very little and only with my phone. It was quite tricky getting to the only flat surface to shoot the falls and the dives off the cliffs. Not to mention, there were two other people shooting from that very tiny spot with no desire to move. My quick assessment was to shoot what I could from the very spot I stood...click & click. 

The whole experience was completely out of my comfort zone. It is definitely a trail that keeps a family with young children on their toes. I don't claim to be the outdoorsy type, however, being surrounded by enormous trees and plants do bring a certain sense of calm and angst that you can't get anywhere else. 


Celebrate Dad

What are you guys doing this weeked? We're celebrating Dad with a hike, some deep-sea fishing (just the boys) and a cultural experience polynesian style. Wishing all the dads and dads-to-be a fabulous Father's Day. Enjoy!

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Movie Night

I will be enjoying a couple of late night movies, tonight. The husband is busy working on a slide presentation for work and kids are fast asleep. Well, I thought I wasn't going to blog tonight. I sneaked a blog post using the Blogger app on my iphone and uploaded this pic from instagram. I think I seriously need an intervention from the phone (and instagram). I call the phone my "magic box" because of what I can do with it. To think that I told MM that I never wanted one of these. What was I thinking?


linked 52: Party Time! They Danced & Stomped the Night Away

Yes, I dug in deep into the archives for this week's entry. But in my defense I just moved half way around the world and finally settled with all my toys and tools needed to get back into the swing of things. Still no house. We are hotel hopping until mid July. Hotel hopping with a capital H and that means no suites my sweets. We are all crammed in one room with two double beds and a pull out with toys and trinkets...oh my! This is the glamorous side of Navy life, folks (not!) Anyways, hope you don't mind a brief recount of a fun night...all nerdy and cultural like.

'Let's toast! Flamenco has gotten the honor it finally deserved.' 

It was Tuesday, Novemeber 10, 2010. Noel and I had escaped to Madrid for a few days alone while he was on business. We were looking for something to do and a bite to eat and came across "casapatas," a flamenco & tapas bar. "Casapatas" literally means "house of hooves." I especially loved that title because it was a fun way to highlight the restaurant's primary form of entertainment...the rapid movement of dancing feet. The night included a dinner and a show. I brought my big girl camera and captured the night's exciting news. The camera almost stayed back in the hotel but at the last minute I dropped it into my bag. Lucky, for me there was enough stage lighting and we scored great seats only a few feet from the stage. All these shots were taken without a flash, without a tripod while on Manual mode. Great practice for indoor lighting with some great action shots. 

Then the big news was announced. UNESCO had declared the dance of flamenco as an intangible piece of cultural heritage. The dance form had been originated by gypsies centuries ago and had been denied the prestigious nod by the UNESCO committee just five years prior to that night. The performers were estatic and as audience members, we witnessed a little piece of cultural history get the recognition it deserved. I mean, if you would have asked me prior to that night, I would have guessed that it was an international intangible landmark, already. Most people imagine flamenco dancers when they think of Spain, right?

They ended the night's performance with a toast and a freestyle flamenco session, if you will, as they celebrated and partied off stage.

In any event, it was a special night for the art community and I was happy to celebrate along with them.

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As We Make Our Plans...

Instead you ought to say, "If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that." -James 4:15

I'll be reflecting on these words today as we are challenged by... 

Navy protocols
Hawaiin vs. mainland attitudes and lifestyles
military medicine
my son's strong will
feeling powerless
taming my tongue


A Hike To Waimea Falls

The best thing to do when you've either procrastinated or just been away for a long time is to dive in! That's what we did this past weekend. I use "we" loosely, it really was they who dove in to the falls in Waimea Valley.

The day started with a short hike at the bottom of the valley. It was easy enough for the kids to walk up the 30 or so minute hike up the paved walkway through the forest. We stopped at random spots to take in the new sites and smells. 

Tadaa! We're hiking up the valley! 

Waimea in Hawaiian means "reddish" but as you can see the water is clear and a beautiful emerald green. The waters do turn reddish at certain times of the year. Luckily, we visited at the right time on our first visit.

Tadaa...We made it to the falls!

The day valley was peaceful and serene but by the end of the hike the older siblings were pooped, bothered and bickered all the way home. Oh, the joy of traveling with young kids. So, much for a quiet ride home. I guess we'll have to hike longer next time.