Excused Absence (#fromwhereistand)

My dear friends, family and sharers on the web,

I just returned home from a very long and heartbreaking trip to Florida. My grandmother, 91, suffered a stroke and died in just two weeks due to complications. I was blessed to be one of the few able to spend her last weeks by her side, before she took her last breath.

She was a kindred spirit, strong, no-nonsense lady that lived quietly. She didn't believe in pretense or boasted about herself, although, never shied away from sharing her loved ones' accomplishments.

I had the honor & privelege of clearing her home of her personal things, which allowed me to know her even better. I can't describe the amount of strength it takes to take on this task. It was hard and felt as though I was invading her privacy, at times. However, I made sure to do it with as much dignity as she deserved. In the process, I discovered how deeply she loved her family. Her love was unconditional. She cherished her memories and those she had a hand in creating.

She was one of my biggest fans & supporters; constantly, commenting on my newest posts. I was blessed to have her as long as I did. She lived a long life. She was grateful for that and aware that everyday was a gift.

She was my gift and I am thankful for that.


Gone Shopping: Michael Kors Ready to Wear Spring 2013

From Swap Shops to Big City Polish by Michael Kors, you'll get all sorts of randomness on this blog. Well, as you know I won't be adding to my Fall wardrobe this year. So, what does a women do that lives in warmer climates? Look to Spring collections for the following year.

These are some of my favorite inspiration looks and what people are saying about this fun collection.

On the Sidelines

My sweet girls try so hard to entertain themselves on the soccer sidelines but sometimes they just fall short. We are spending five days a week on the soccer sidelines between practice, extra clinics and games. The boys in my life are in heaven but the girls are just not finding any joy in these activities. It's ironic because my husband was Cory's first soccer coach in a coed league and jump started so many girl's love for the sport. Our friends and former teammates send us updates frequently and we love to see those sweet girls slide tackling or striking a goal. So, fun! However, it's frustrating for us, too. Getting our girls to love the game has been a challenge. I can see the frustration in Daddy's eyes. 

Actually, finding ways to interact with the kids in activities all of us can enjoy can be tricky. But we will continue to find fun by trial and error.