Hello There

Busy? Uninspired? Evolving? Instagramming? I've been doing all of the above.

Busy making the time go fast while military man is deployed. 
Too uninspired to create since the death of my grandmother. Being at the side of a loved one as they take their last breath forces you to change. 
Evolving into the person who is looked upon for answers and to solve problems. 
Instagram-ing because it's just easy and fun. 

Oh, and the biggest news of all. I'm homeschooling. This was a big step for us. Don't think we came to this decision lightly or on a whim. It was a long time coming. I had been contemplating it for a few years but MM would always persuade me not to do it. He would always convinced me that I needed me time.  Truth be known, I stink at me time. Other things always got in the way. 

I taught high school many years ago and if you don't mind me saying, I was pretty darn good at teaching. There's a small part of me that missed it. However, I never thought I would ever teach again after having my first. I didn't think I had the patience for it. But what I didn't have the patience for was the type of parent I had become. The one that would dread waking the kids up because of the screams it would produce just to get ready in the morning. The one that would dread afternoon activities because of the three different dismissal times and rush hour traffic. The one that would witness melt-downs on a daily basis. My poor kids were stressed over with their school environment, their schedules and their dad's deployment to the point that they were constantly breaking down over the littlest of things. My conscious was telling me something drastic had to be done. Nothing was working. I tried earlier bedtimes, planning better for afternoon activities. The tantrums never seized. Not what you were expecting from someone who moved to Hawaii, huh? 

The truth is that living in Hawaii is not about sipping mai-tai's and hip shaking. People live their lives just as they do on the mainland. We fight traffic, meet deadlines and shuffle kids around. Paradise? Not always. The weather is nice but who cares if the sun is shining when the kids are having break downs everyday, once, twice and three times a day? Not me.  We barely made it to a beach or enjoy our new home because of daily commitments. So, I finally put my foot down and told my husband that I will be homeschooling. He was reluctant at first but when he noticed a change for the better in all of us, he left for his deployment secure in our decision to make the change. We are on our third week. The kids have become the wonderful children that I have been told they are by previous teachers. There are a lot more please and thanks used and heard. The melt-downs have dropped to less that one a day. We're a few steps closer to paradise.


  1. What an awesome change! Having a background in teaching will help too, I'm sure. Glad to read about your evolving life. That's what life is turning out to be, huh. One big evolving change. ;)

  2. That's awesome, Liza. Good for you for realizing that the change needed to happen and following through. You are one great mama. xo

  3. smiles...good to see you...and i am sure having taught that the home schooling is a fun step back into that....and that it allows you as well to enjoy paradise a bit more...smiles. love the header btw

  4. Hi Liza, I just wanted to offer up a few words of encouragement. Being a mom isn't easy and making the decision to homeschool is a life changing commitment that doesn't come lightly. We have our doubts at times and I'll wonder if I made the right choice, but then there are the days when I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was the best thing for the children. Maybe not the easiest thing for me but most assuredly the best. Every day brings a new opportunity to watch them grow and flourish, to see them develop a real sense of themselves and their abilities as well as grow closer to each other and create memories and bonds that will never be broken. It isn't easy and it doesn't always run as smoothly as I'd like and there are days I think I'm going to go crazy but it is worth every moment. You can do it and I just wanted to let you know you are not alone and there are many people out here that are with you! Hugs to you, Michelle :)

  5. wow! you have had a lot going on. your words and images are all so inspiring. i'm finding i need to renew my intent of visiting yours and other blogs. i've become so slacked in that lately. i'm too busy, i guess. but i need to make it a point, especially when i am reminded just how much other women are going through that could encourage me or make me feel like i'm not alone. and inspire me. i'm sorry to hear about your loss. my grandmother just turned 98, and i often think we won't have much more time with her. how hard it must be to watch them go. congrats on homeschooling. i think it is to be so admired. my girlfriend homeschools her kids. she's about to have her fourth. i can't imagine. my sister does it as well, with three. it has to be such a huge sacrifice, as i can't even imagine giving up even just one hour of my day. i'm so impressed with women who do this. really!


Thank you.