Duke's on Sundays or Saturdays or...

any other day of the week is a good idea. Duke's happens to be one of MM's favorite places to get a bite to eat around town. I feel it's slightly touristy but the food, music & spirits are good if you want to spend a lazy afternoon while in the heart of downtown.

The staff was particularly pleased to find out that "locals" (that would be us) had traveled all the way from our town of Aiea fighting traffic and dealing with lack of parking to have dinner here. I tried not to laugh out loud and seem rude to our gracious host but even the manager came out to meet and thank us for returning as much as we have. You see, there's a strange little thing that happens when people live or have been brought up on an island where you are fighting for space with tourists. Your patience for driving and dealing with the city aspect of your area is null. Very few locals like to venture out to Waikiki to enjoy the city feel and driving downtown can be a nightmare. The restaurant is only 10 miles away but on any give day that distance (or any other distance) can take you over an hour. No lie! We are certainly glad we went, though. They were especially accomodating to us last night and the complimentary Hula pie was an added bonus.


  1. hey what was the name of that place on the beach in west palm for breakfast....wasnt it something like that too? def breakfast on the beach is a wonderful thing...smiles...looks like a cool place...

  2. Are you thinking about John G's? My absolute favorite! There's also Benny's On the Beach on Lake Worth Pier.

  3. Oh Duke's!!! Yes, I was one of those tourists that loved Duke's! I remember going to this one in Waikiki. I think there must be one in Kauai, too? I'm pretty sure that is the one we went to and I think I had the opah every time we went. SO GOOD.


Thank you.