Healthy Changes

Seems like the whole nation is drinking their greens. I started blending my fruits and vegetables over a year ago as part of shedding those extra forty pounds I gained while living in Italy. Yes, forty. That was hard to admit. I will have to say, they were fun to add. I have found that blending my green is a much more enjoyable way to shed them. It's much more fun to do it with a partner, too. My eleven year old son loves them as much as I do. Since the beginning of the year, we started making almost daily visits to our favorite smoothie shop. We're still trying to get the girls to try.

While I don't boast in making the perfect smoothies everytime, I have found a green blend that I love. I call it my liquid salad. It has lots of greens, like, kale and spinach, with some sweeter fruits, pineapple, apples or strawberries to soften the taste. I also add some greek yogurt, almonds and pomegranate juice.   One piece of advice, throw some ice or blend in some chunks of frozen fruits. Lastly, I find that cutting the produce, as soon as, you come home is key to making them everyday. 

At first these changes came about for aesthetic reasons, mostly just to fit in skinny jeans, again. Then I started to feel better. Imagine that, the experts are right!