Make the Switch. Google Reader is Closing Tomorrow!

So, tomorrow is the big day Google Reader is closing its doors windows. If you haven't made the switch to a new reader there are many out there to choose. I have my favorite three and use them interchangeably. They are bloglovin', feedly and StumpleUpon. Honestly, I use bloglovin' and feedly the most. However, if you haven't switched to either by now, then run and do so. You can easly import all your subscriptions to both of these readers quickly and with a couple of quick clicks. Do it NOW! You have until today to switch over. Only One Day, Folks!

I do have this small review of both Feedly and bloglovin' for you. First, if you prefer a very easy interface with a simple layout then try bloglovin'. You will find it clean and uncluttered. This reader also has been quite a hit with creatives for a long time so you will find a plethora of sites in its directory that cater to design in many industries, such as, fashion, home, photography and a list of other mediums. Second, feedly is strictly a reader and bloggers of all genres have made the switch. It's also easy to use and their front page reads like an old time periodical complete with headlines and subheadlines. Both sites are simple to navigate and offer a "next" button so that you can click to the most recent and updated post on your subscriptions list. What I like most about bloglovin' over feedly is that you can visit the actual blog in it's native space. What I mean, is that you can navigate your subscriptions using the "next" button and visit the original post. Therefore, you have the same experience as using the Google Next Button feature.

Now, go over check those out and make the switch. You can find me on bloglovin', feedly and StumpleUpon.

Happy Sunday!


Waiting for fireworks

An accurate metaphor for certain milestones in our lives, wouldn't you agree? I'll have to elaborate on some of what I've been feeling while my husband spends his time away at sea but for now I'm waiting for the fireworks.

...ps. In case you're wondering, another post made through the blogger app. Image taken with iphone 4s and edited with the new vsco app.

This is a test. This is only a test.

I apologize for sounding like the Emergency Broadcasting System, especially, since I've been pulled away from this space by Instagram. But it is true. That little app, in addition to other iphone apps, have captivated me and have allowed me to expand my creativity in more ways than I have ever imagined. I'm spellbound. If you have an Instragram account, please follow me @lizabeeandco. You'll find me there more frequently than here. However, I did discover the blogger app and I'm testing the waters out, too.

I hope this little post pasts the the test...until next time, friends.