Hey Mom, Do You Want to go Out on a Date?

When my son asked me for some solo mom & son time, I think I froze for a split second before I gave him my answer. I thought, "What I minute, you're asking me. The one you call mean mom when I assign you all the math problems on the page, not just the odd numbers." It was endearing and courageous to ask. He literally, ask me out on a "mother & son date." Those were his words not mine. Of course, I said yes! 

Hawaii hosted the upteenth Pro-Bowl this year. Practices were open to the public and we, among a few thousand others, watched Team Sanders and Team Rice scrimmage before last Sunday's game. It was a fun time for the both of us. He had a chance to get some autographs and show off his football knowledge to his football illiterate mom. 

Do you see the football peeking out of the crowd to the far left? That's him but didn't get it. So, Close!
I promised myself I wouldn't get too cheesy about the whole thing. I need to maintain my cool status long enough for a pre-teen to allow me to be seen with him in public, again. He did roll his eyes a few times when I got shutter happy. Not to mention, it was hard to keep myself in the moment when flashbacks of him as a toddler would sneak into the present. Parents, isn't it true that no matter how much they mature, they will always be our babies?

This little man and I have gone through serious ups & downs in his first twelve years. Lately, things have changed for the BEST. He's been more loving towards me and the girls. I realize how much he needs me and looks to me for guidance and softness. My husband has always reminded me about how quickly boys change, emphasizing that he would be turning to me for affection and advice. I didn't believe him, especially, during our rough patches, when he was daddy obsessed. Now, the time has come when it's my turn to guide him into the future man he will become. I better not mess this up.


Early Sunday Reads

Happy Sunday, Folks! Well, it may be afternoon or early evening reading for you. Living in the Hawaiian time zone has its limitations but it's Hawaii, no complaining here.

I happened to stumble upon some great reads and links this week and thought to share. Now, that I'm off the monster that Facebook has become, I'll post some of my favorite reads of the weekend here.

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Hope your relaxing easy this Sunday!


Decorating in Blue

So, this is what I do over morning coffee on any given Saturday. I love all shades of the color blue and it's my favorite accent color around the house. But, if given the chance and a permanent household, I might be a little bolder. 

All credit to images are given in my B L U E inspiration board on Pinterest.


Change + MERCY + Forgiveness = Joy

Change, mercy, joy, forgiveness...what will be my word of the year?  

In addition to joining the ecourse (starting Jan.12) I mentioned in the last post, I've decided to join the one little word bandwagon and choose a word to focus on this year. If you haven't heard of it before, it's a recent trend of focusing on a word, rather than specific resolutions for the new year. I never thought I would do this but it may prove to be useful if I want the equation to work.

I've already declared a resolution to let go of perfection and let life get a little messy. But how do I do that and let myself be okay with it? As I have said before, I'm wired to do things the right way without mistakes and if things aren't perfect, I start to worry panic. This will be a challenge. (Imagine me typing behind my screen shaking my head and thinking, "no way, this will never happen.") It will, also, be a change for me but the word change is over used. No, not change. I will feel more joy when I accomplish things quickly and not dwell on the many ways I could have done it better or different. If things don't go my way, I must remember to for forgive myself...okay, I'm almost there. However, without mercy, I will not be able to forgive myself for not getting it right the first time, therefore, not feel joy.  So, I'm going for mercy!  

This will be my mantra for this year. Have mercy on yourself. Hmmm, that sounds familiar. I think God is trying to tell me something here. (I just got the chills) Practicing the act of mercy on myself will probably allow me to be more merciful to those closest to me. Bonus! This could mean less battles at home. I feel a few steps closer to winning the war I've waged on myself. Perhaps, that's what I've been lacking for so many years? Things are changing. I'm feeling it.