Walking A Very Well Traveled Path

I'm on top of the world. My world, at least. A few weeks ago, I decided to leave everybody at home and take a little hike to the top of Diamond Head on my own. It felt awkward, liberating, fun and guilt-free, hiking it without my usual company. I really can't say I was alone, though. The busloads of tourists that beat me there were enough to keep me company. 

Before our family started multiplying, there were many things that I did alone without blinking an eye. But, you know how it is for those of you who have families? You've been so accustomed to traveling in packs that you forget how satisfying it can be in your own company.

The climb or hike up was more like a mini obstacle course, zig-zagging between both, appropriately attired hikers and those that were grossly mislead by their guides who were told that they would be fine in a nice pair of pants or a very cute pair strappy sandals. Climbing Diamond Head is not a very challenging hike but it is slightly more than an intermediate walk uphill. It's very easy to do, though. There are handrails all along the trail and it's best to do before noon. It lacks shade. The heat will slow you down.

Once on top, I sat on the rooftop of a secluded pillbox to take a bird's eye view of this beautiful island that I so often take for granted. Have I told you how much I am afraind of heights? It's the real deal, folks. I get vertigo, my legs get wobbly and my knees shake. But somehow, I stirred up the courage to scoot close to the edge. I sat there for a long time admiring the colors of the ocean, taking deep soothing breaths and, of course, documented my near edge experience. 


The Not So Perfect Shots

I could tell you all the things are wrong with these shots but I'm not because the moment was so right.