Five on Five

I posted something recently on my instagram account about Lucy finding her game. Lucy has never been the most competitive creature. She is truly the definition of a fun-loving spirit. During game nights, you'll always hear her saying, "It's not about winning. It's about having fun." This sometimes causes problems with her oldest brother who loves to compete, win and will gladly pummel her in a game of Sorry. Oh, those are fun times! <insert sarcasm here>

Competition is something I've always struggled with, too. Growing up basically an only child until about the age of thirteen, competing is something that I just didn't have to do. I had all my parents attention and never felt threatened by my younger siblings. They were just too cute to want to beat. Lucy instinctively knows that life is about the process and placing value on experiences over taking score. Dare I say it, it's about the journey (sorry about the oprahesque moment, there.) So, fostering and nurturing a competitive child is something I just don't know or want to do. 

However, this past weekend she found something that she will gladly compete and win at doing. Placing fifth is not what she really wanted. After each event, she would ask us what she place and was disappointed each time she didn't make it into the top three. But she found her game and will gladly pummel anyone that dares swim in the lane alongside her. 

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